What Can I Put In A Sunroom?

Suppose you have recently had a sunroom constructed on your property or are looking to redesign your current sunroom. In that case, several ideas can turn the space into a comfortable and cozy place for you and your guests to relax.

Those who choose to add a sunroom in Lexington, KY, or any other city, have taken the step to ensure that their home’s livability and property value stay high.

If you are thinking, “What can I put in a sunroom to make it more comfortable for my family and me?” then consider the following sunroom design trends in 2021!

Mounted Furniture

One feature is the use of wall-mounted ottomans. These can be placed near a window and act as extra seating when needed. They are called “wall-mounted” because they are attached to the wall, allowing them to be sturdy and not flimsy like other ottomans on the market today.

& Flowers

Plants and flowers are an obvious choice for a sunroom. Due to the natural light in a sunroom, it’s also the perfect spot for an indoor garden.

add a sunroom in Lexington, KY

This is a fun way to spend your time during the winter months, as well as adding color, life, and freshness to your sunroom.

& Decorations

Art and decorations can also be placed in a sunroom.  The type of artwork you choose will depend on your personal taste and what goes well with the existing furniture.


The use of technology in a sunroom is becoming more and more popular. This includes installing sound systems, Bluetooth, and high-definition televisions to hear and watch your favorite music, games, movies, and tv programs.

Contact a local interior designer for more advice on what you can put in a sunroom or to help you sketch out sunroom design concepts.